Challenge Day

Ravi Thakur

Board Member

Ravi is a strategic advisor, board member, and investor in fast growing technology companies. Leveraging his big company experience at Oracle and his growth story at Coupa, he is able to advise companies on their own growth journey to achieve their own success.

He has 25+ years of experience in Enterprise software, holding executive and general manager level positions from customer success, products, go to market, support, development, professional services, operations, pre-sales, etc. He has been in leadership and direct management positions for most of his career.

In addition to assisting technology companies, Ravi has a wide variety of projects in flight from real estate, wood working, and working on his tennis game.  Ravi also enjoys spending time volunteering at his kids’ schools and sees the impact that Challenge Day has made in kids navigating middle and high school years.

If you really knew me, you would know:

  • Family is priority one and I’m blessed with a wonderful wife, Shalinee, two great kids, and our dog.
  • I come from a large extended family with dozens of cousins and when I got married our combined family numbered over a hundred family members in the SF Bay Area.
  • Getting lost in fantasy worlds found in books and movies is one of my favorite ways to unwind.
  • Working with my hands, whether it’s woodworking, home wine brewing, candle making, or home improvement projects is one of my favorite hobbies.