Challenge Day

David Herron


About Me:

Dave Herron’s background is in education partnerships and strategy. Since 2016, Dave has built and currently leads Khan Academy’s district partnerships team. Khan Academy focuses on virtual yearlong support for teachers and administrators, and their partnerships currently reach over 400,000 students each year. Khan Academy’s partnership with Long Beach, one of the largest school districts in California, was profiled in PBS and is now part of the case study for Harvard Business School. Dave also co-started Khan Academy’s Teacher Ambassador Program, a nation-wide network of teachers who apply and are accepted to be ambassadors that support other teachers using Khan Academy in their schools. The Ambassador Program is now in its 4th year and has grown to over 1,500 applicants and 900 Ambassadors this school year. Prior to working at Khan Academy, Dave was a high school AP math teacher & curriculum creator in both San Antonio, Texas and Redwood City, California. While teaching in Redwood City, he actually attended a Challenge Day with his sophomores who were struggling as a group with gossip & fighting. Challenge Day marked a turning point for many of his students and he was inspired at the skillset used to get students sharing & connecting with their fellow classmates. Dave graduated summa cum laude from Georgetown University and currently lives in San Francisco with his partner Herald.