Challenge Day

Crystal Moncada

Client Relations Manager

About Me:

Crystal was born and raised in Oakland, CA. She is one of six children and loves family reunions as there is never a dull moment in the Moncada household. She spent more than 10 years living in southern California, with San Diego being her home away from home and Oceanside, California being where she left her heart. However, she will never forget that her roots reside in Oakland and is a true-blue A’s and Raiders fan (even if they did move to Las Vegas!).

In 2021, Crystal moved her small family out of state. Her first move was to Arizona where she spent most of her weekends and days off exploring the nearby pools and waterparks. Her next move was to Texas. This decision was not made lightly, but it has been the best thing that has ever happened as she found a loving community, and she even adopted a rescue pup! She now spends her time off exploring her new hometown, hitting the trails, and getting purposely lost in her new home state.

Challenge Day has changed Crystal’s life in the best way possible. From her early days in the office to the days she participated as a volunteer at local schools and beyond, Challenge Day has provided her with life skills that has helped her both professionally and personally. She looks forward to working with schools and staff to bring students the gift that is Challenge Day for years to come.

If you really knew me:

  • One of my passions is helping others. Volunteering used to be a big part of my weekend routine; however, I have put that on hold since becoming a mom. I hope to find my way back to volunteering in my new community.
  • Traveling is another BIG passion of mine. I dream of waking up and hitting the road as the sun comes up, with a fresh hot cup of coffee in hand and on to our next new adventure that awaits us!
  • Working out and keeping my body moving has become part of my self-care routine.
  • My love for coffee is real and it’s DEEP.
  • I do not like cats, but cats like me. It’s a weird phenomenon.
  • I’m afraid of spiders, but love snakes – even the poisonous ones. I obviously wouldn’t handle the poisonous snakes myself, but I am not as afraid of them as much as I am afraid of ALL spiders.