Challenge Day

Current Job Opportunties

Challenge Day is an equal opportunity employer in Oakley, California.

Challenge Day is active in attracting talented and passionate team members. If you are interested in sharing your information, please see below. We will review regularly and reach out to you if we post a position in your areas of expertise and passion.

Program Facilitator (Full Time)

Challenge Day is seeking the best of the best workshop facilitators. In this role, you will facilitate a dynamic, experiential (activities-based), high-energy day of learning, where young people and adults find free expression of ideas and emotions along the road to educational liberty and emotional intelligence. We work to empower participants in the 5 key competency areas determined by CASEL. These are Self Awareness, Social Awareness, Self-Management, Responsible Decision Making, and Relationship Skills. 

In time, your unique contributions and areas of specialty will help us grow and reach new markets with cutting-edge content and new modes of delivery. You will help determine the future of all-inclusive, non-partisan programming in experiential education.