Challenge Day

Challenge Day President Victoria Gazulis Shares Need for Donations to Our Nonprofit


I’m Victoria Gazulis. I am Board President of Challenge Day. Challenge Day has been through a lot in the pandemic as an organization. We had to restructure staffing, had to re-envision programming. I think all of it’s for the better for the long run. But I’m frankly like very conflicted and feel like this conversation is bittersweet in the sense of I don’t know how much longer Challenge Day has and my biggest concern from a financial perspective, is of course like we are nonprofit. So it’s not about the profitability of the organization so much about being able to be around to influence that next work, that next generation and be that lifeline that’s just completely unique and different from other community resources whether it be, you know school counselors or you know us as parents.

This is just a forum of peers, really. And being able to create that space, bring that programming to schools, it’s unlike anything I experienced back when I was in high school and I’ve experienced since.

And for that I 100% ask that you know, if you were to lean into any organization and give a donation, this is the one because it truly is. Influence and bring up our next generation and the generations to come of kids and help them be the fullest versions of themselves they can be.

If you are looking to donate, go to and click that donate button and I’m always happy to connect as well. We greatly appreciate you as do all the kids that will be influenced by the programs impact.

 Thank you.

 Victoria Gazulis